I want our experience to be fun, exciting, and natural so I only ask that you have common courtesy and respect when we meet.


  1. Please leave the donation in an obvious place. When you arrive, please kindly set the donation on the kitchen counter or bedroom nightstand, in an envelope, where I can see it. Thank you!
  2. The donation is NEVER negotiable. If you try to negotiate my rate, ask for a discount, or "special" of any type, I will decline meeting with you. I do not offer any visits for less than one (1) hour because I will not be able to enjoy myself. I would not be in this hobby if I was not able to enjoy our experiences. I understand that my hobbyiest friends are busy professionals, if you frequently visit with me and are in a pinch, only then can we discuss a different time duration. I will not make a habit out of it. If I don't know you, do not ask.
  3. Please arrive freshly showered. You are more than welcome to use my shower. I am EXTREMELY METICULOUS about cleanliness and hygiene. If you showered in the morning, sat at a desk all day and didn't do much in the line of physical activity you still need to shower. Our bodies still produce sweat, bacteria, and we have natural body functions. I do not mind going 10 to 15 minutes over our time so we can be sure to have a nice fresh time. I have different soaps, mouthwash, toothpaste, and even new toothbrushes. If you'd like a toothbrush just ask. Fresh linens will always be laid out in the bathroom for you. 
  4. Please do not overstay our planned time. As I previously stated, I do not mind going 10 to 15 minutes over. If you are interested in extending your time there are times I am able to do so. Just ask. Please be sure to have the proper donation. If you are not interested in extending, please do not put me in an uncomfortable situation where I have to ask you to leave. This will make me think twice about any future visits with you. 
  5. I AM NOT AVAILABLE FOR DATES "OFF THE CLOCK." All of my time must be compensated for accordingly. I am not looking for a relationship. The special relationships I develop with my hobbiest friends I truly appreciate and do not want any lines crossed; this keeps boundaries in place. Also, I will NOT meet with you for a dinner date in place of screening. Do not ask.
  6. Saftey is my highest priority. I will not entertain gentleman who do not respect this. While I do offer the most liberal and passionate GFE experences available, I do have a certian limit set so I can feel safe and comfortable. This is usually a non-issue, as the gentlemen who sees me understands and shares the same ideas, and are aware of the possible repercussions. If I feel you are trying to engage in a specific activity without first taking the proper precautions, I will have to ask you to leave. Additionally, I will decline any future requests to meet.